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A story should be logical in its action and faithful to character. Truth of life itself was the only test, the greatest artists were the simplest, because they were true.
Stephen Crane

In My Notebook - “Write”

Time should be spent writing OR living life in ways that requires writing down later. This month has been the later. I have been living “life experiences” and now I have to write them. Having not written the details down it feels like they didn’t happen and that I haven’t existed. Almost like time and experiences are just meaningless concepts. Days have blurred together, but mostly it has been the nights I have lost track of. I am fine now. My mind and body knows it, but I have forgotten to let my psyche know.

I am all about learning and as I have figured out so too are those “life experiences.” One of the many I have learned I will tell you now:


Write! Even as the walls crumble around you.

Who knows? Maybe the writing will continue on, even if you don’t.

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